Tips to make your house neat and tidy during this covid 19 period.


As situation we are in lately concerning covid 19, we are all forced to stay in our homes and be more mindful of germs. So, this gives us opportunity to do a thorough clean in our houses since we are spending a ton of time inside the house. Here are some basic places and tips to make your house clean.

  • Closet

First of all, figure out your unused clothes, which you don’t wear.  You can donate them or even sell as second-hand clothes. Then, your cherished clothing that you have in the closet is time for you to clean them up and box them. Vacuum your closet and organize your remaining frequently used clothes.

  • Curtains

Curtains are the one of the most ignored items in the house. One buys them with so much enthusiasm but over time he or she ignores them. Curtains accumulate a tone of germs which need to be cleaned monthly. The problem is, we are all busy and there isn’t much time to clean a curtain. You can use an attachment in a vacuum cleaner and this eases things for you. You can deep clean them if you have not cleaned your curtain for long. You can even clean your curtain without taking it down. Use a safe stable ladder to climb to the top of the curtain. Use a lean roller or brush to remove any tiny fibres. A steam cleaner would help clean the stubborn stains and dust from the curtains all with minimum effort. This will help the steam penetrate the curtain cloth without drenching it. Make sure the steam is set to light. Spray an air freshener to make your curtain smell fresh.

  • Floor

Your floors need a good cleaning too. Cleaning floors is just more than scrabbing especially if you want to see the ground sparkle. If you have a laminate floor you can even dust, wipe or even vacuum it with a lightly dimed mob. Do not use detergents for they will wipe away the shine. Do not over wet your cleaning mob either. You can use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the stains in this kind of floor. Tiled floors are the simplest of all for they require a floor cleaning solution and a mob or even a vacuum.

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