Maximizing Warehouse Efficiency with ASRS Technology



Demand and satisfaction are crucial for companies, necessitating timely and safe product delivery to meet customer expectations. Warehousing, particularly with Automated Storage Retrieval Systems (ASRS), addresses this need by providing a technological approach to storing goods. 

By combining controls and equipment, ASRS maximizes picking operations for increased efficiency by handling, storing, and retrieving goods quickly, accurately, and precisely. 2h Storage Solutions has more than 30 years of experience in offering automated storage and retrieval systems for warehouses.

Now, let us discuss in this post a few key benefits that ASRS can bring to your operations.

1. Improved floor space utilization

ASRS offers significant space savings by eliminating wasted aisle space and utilizing full ceiling height for high-density storage. Using tightly configured totes, bins, and integrated inventory management software, ASRS maximizes storage capacity and efficiency. 

The recovered floor space can be used for expanding manufacturing, accommodating more inventory, adding processes, or sub-leasing for extra revenue.

2. Reduced labour requirements and costs 

Manual labour is a warehousing option, but it demands significant time and resources, reducing efficiency and productivity. Searching and locating items manually is time-consuming. 

ASRS offers a more effective solution by automating storage management, eliminating repetitive tasks, and reducing dependency on manual labour.

3. Increased picking accuracy

Every step in the picking process presents an opportunity for human error, increasing with manual handling. ASRS systems, integrated with light-directed picking technologies and message centres, enhance pick accuracy by guiding operators to the exact location, part number, and quantity needed. These visual aids reduce errors and increase accuracy to 99.9%.

4. Improved picking throughput

In manual operations, pickers often handle one order at a time, with rates around 50 lines per hour. ASRS technologies can eliminate walk and search time and doubling throughput. 

Integrating pick-to-light systems further increases throughput. Batch picking, which groups orders with common items, allows the inventory management software to sequence picks efficiently, enabling multiple orders to be filled simultaneously. This process doubles throughput rates again, maximizing efficiency.

5. Improved ergonomics

ASRS delivers items to operators at an optimal ergonomic height, eliminating the need to bend or stretch. Some units require a lift table to achieve this benefit, significantly reducing the risk of worker injury, absenteeism, insurance premiums, and worker’s compensation claims.

6. Safety

Inventory is crucial for any storage facility. Automated storage and retrieval systems enable precise tracking and labelling of products, simplifying their location. Its cutting-edge technology also protects items from damage and reduces the risk of loss or misplacement, even with large volumes of goods.

8. Real-time inventory visibility

ASRS systems excel in dynamic order processing, adapting to evolving customer demands and market trends. They efficiently handle diverse products of varying shapes, sizes, and weights. 

ASRS enables strategies like wave, batch, and zone picking, optimizing order fulfilment by intelligently prioritizing orders based on urgency, availability, and shipping requirements. 

Final word

Handling logistics is one of the most important parts of any business, and ASRS plays a very important role in this. It offers several benefits and also helps improve the business’s bottom line. 


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