Is Third-Party Maintenance The Best Way To Retain Full Control Over Your Data Center?


When creating a data center, you either self-host on your premises or hire third party maintenance. But efficiency, flexibility, and cost are everything in the IT world. You want an option that is affordable with uncompromised functionality. 

So, does third-party maintenance from providers like CentricsIT offer solid IT support? The thing is, when you opt for third party providers you’ll retain full control of your data center. How is third-party maintenance better than self-hosted data centers? Let’s find out. 

Third-Party Maintenance: Solid Data Center Support for Your Business

Data-center management involves complicated IT processes — hardware and software maintenance, data center consolidation and migration, and more. It can be tricky for an organization to handle all these processes independently, and that’s where third-party maintenance comes in.  They offer quality data center management while you maintain full control. Here’s what you’ll get from third-party maintenance: 

Centralized Support for All Your Data Center Hardware and Software

Most data centers use hardware from several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), which can be a huge problem when it comes to equipment support. Dealing with different OEM representatives and maintaining several contracts can frustrate your IT staff. Plus, it’s expensive for your business. Isn’t it much better to access IT support from a central place? Like one contract covers every IT equipment in your business, despite the hardware brand? Third-party maintenance ensures you deal with all your network problems from a central place by avoiding handling contracts with several OEMs. This increases efficiency in data center management.

Customizable Payment Plans

You want full control of the amount you pay for data center hardware and software maintenance. Most OEMs offer a flat rate for basic support functions constant for all businesses. This means you’ll pay for extra services if some of the OEM basic support functions are inapplicable in your business. Even worse, OEMs increase support charges as your hardware age. You’ve no control over these charges. On the other hand, third-party payment plans are flexible. Instead of paying a flat rate for a fixed service package, you get to choose what suits your data center. You only pay for what you need. 

Flexible Contracts 

Unlike OEMs that cut off their support after the End of Life date (EOL) of your data center equipment, most third parties extend hardware support (after the EOL date) for up to  10 years or until you’re ready to upgrade. You get an option of either upgrading your data center hardware or conveniently using the older one. This results in a longer equipment lifespan and reduced replacement costs in your business. 

Affordable Data Center Support without Sacrificing Service Quality

You’ll save big with a third-party maintenance provider for your network and hardware support. Their contracts are less expensive (than OEMs) with top-notch service quality, depending on the provider you’ll choose. As a result, you get quality data center support for less cost. 

Unlike OEMs, third-party maintenance providers offer flexible services for you to choose what suits you best. They can tailor their services to suit your budget, extend equipment support if necessary (after the end of life dates), and most importantly, offer centralized data center support.

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