Is the Laundry Business Suitable for You?


You’re most likely here because you’re seriously considering investing and operating your own laundry business. That’s great! But one thing you have to ask yourself is, is the laundry business really something you see yourself operating and succeeding in for the next years to come?

We help you answer this question, read on!

Is the Laundry Business Suitable for You?

Before delving into owning a laundromat, you first have to know whether or not it’s the best option for you. Here are the factors to consider as you think about your business decision.

  1. The Growth and Scalability

Did you know that laundromats are very profitable and recession-resistant? You can earn a lot and experience a high return on investment. There is a chance of experiencing a 25-35% return of investment with a scalable business model to continue your growth.

Furthermore, laundromats have a high survival rate, with 95% of stores staying open even after five years.

  1. How Much is Required?

Operating laundromats isn’t just about buying the equipment and commercial laundry parts from places like Laundry Replacement Parts. There are so many more to consider, such as the location, brand, and model of your equipment, utility bills, staffing, office supplies, and the like.

The upfront costs may not be suitable for all entrepreneurs, as it’s a hefty one. Usually, it takes between $150,000 to $300,000 to start a laundry business, not including the running costs such as utilities or equipment maintenance or repair of dexter laundry parts and the like. However, with proper marketing strategies and a steady flow of customers, you can make a profit within a few years.

  1. Your Time Commitment

Consider how much time you can put into when handling this business. If you don’t have much time or plan to stay in the laundromat most of your time, then you can have an unattended laundromat or an almost-unstaffed store.

You’ll still need to manage your business and collect revenue, preferably through electronic payments. However, you won’t need to be around often and can have staff man the place, along with cleaning and doing maintenance checks for your equipment.

If you have more time to visit and manage the business, a full-service laundromat is suitable for you. This is great for owners who love to communicate with their staff and customers, and you can get extra income from offering other services, such as wash-and-fold or delivery!

  1. The Necessary Skills and Experience

You will know if a business is right for you when you possess the skills and experience it requires. When owning a laundromat, you should have the following:

  • Excellent management experience from running previous businesses
  • Marketing skills to put your business’s name out there
  • Communication and people skills, as you’ll be dealing with customers, suppliers, and your staff daily
  • Technical know-how of laundry equipment so you can maintain the equipment yourself and know when they require repairs

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this short guide will help you weigh the pros and cons of what it’s like to own a laundry business and if it’s the right venture for you. Good luck!

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