Five Signs It May be Time to Get a New Garage Door


A garage door adds a significant level of convenience to your daily life. But, if your overhead door is not performing at its best, it may be time to get a new garage door. Over time, the parts of your door will experience natural wear and tear. Additionally, the exterior surfaces of the door may sustain damage from the elements. By investing in Garex doors, you can give your garage a brand-new look and feel. There are ways to tell if your current garage door is retiring and that you need a new one:

Sagging Issue

Garage doors made out of wood can experience a sagging issue. If not properly maintained, they can sag from decomposition, rot, and overall deterioration. Also, sagging can be an issue with other garage door materials. This can happen because of a serious structural issue. If an area of your garage door is sagging, speak with an expert as soon as possible to get the right solutions for your garage. 

Strange Noise or Shaking

When your door makes a constant strange noise or shakes when you open and close it, this may be an issue you want to resolve by having a new door. Although persistent noise and shaking don’t indicate something is broken, this could mean your door requires intense maintenance. To save yourself the hassle, consider replacing the garage door.

 Difficulty Opening or Closing

If your door becomes increasingly hard to open or close, it may be time to get a new one. If the garage door opener is having mechanical problems, you can improve its performance and safety by installing a new overhead door.

Compromised Efficiency and Safety

If your garage door has aged, it may no longer have the appropriate safety functions. It may not have the proper weather strips, sealing joints, and bottom seals needed to keep the wind at bay. These days, you can buy garage doors that can detect motion, eliminating the risk of closing it using your fingers or toes.

Aged Design

A vintage, old-fashioned garage door design is nice if it matches your home’s overall look. But, if the door looks old and you don’t want it, it may be time to get a new door. There is no need to stick to an outdated garage door if you can have a better-looking and more efficient door that will increase the curb appeal of your property. 

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