Why should you shop around regularly for a cheaper energy deal?


Is your energy bill too high? You may have possibly noticed that your electricity rates have increased recently, or you may have been unhappy with your current electricity plan. Maybe your power was unreliable or your customer service was poor.

If any of these complaints apply to the electricity and gas plans that you use, it means that this is the time to shop around and look for the cheapest energy plans. For some reason many people can often assume there is only one electricity supplier option, which is not true.

When it comes to selecting energy providers, households and businesses alike have choices in many parts of Australia. When you switch energy suppliers, your current energy plan with your current energy provider is cancelled and you are transferred to your new energy provider and the better energy plan when you sign up for the new one.

Having an effective energy plan comparison can lead to lower energy prices, a wider variety of energy options (such as access to renewable energy plans, for example), as well as different & cheaper rates.

Households and businesses can switch suppliers freely and save a lot of money by comparing energy plans regularly. In addition, switching business energy suppliers can deliver many additional benefits – but what are these benefits?

Some benefits of shopping around regularly and switching your energy deals are:

Reducing energy bills:

Do you pay too much for electricity and gas? Despite rising living costs, many Australians pay more than they ought to, which means we all need to find ways to save money. But don’t worry. Select and Switch will help you find a better energy plan. Our free online comparison tool will show you the cheapest energy plans that are available from our panel of leading energy retailers in your area.

Get better deals by making a change:

You may be changing addresses, or your energy plan may be coming to an end. Maybe you have outgrown your current energy plan and need something to meet your new needs. All of these reasons are a great time to review your options, find a better deal, and switch to cheaper energy plans and save money.

Consider greener options:

Energy providers are now offering more renewable and sustainable energy options, including carbon offsets, hydro, solar, and wind. Whether you want to reduce your impact on the environment or save money in the long run, we can help you get a cleaner, greener energy plan from our energy providers.

Take advantage of bundle offers:

Combining your gas and electricity plans is sometimes the best way to save money and streamline your accounts. Select and Switch can help you find a bundle deal that meets all of your energy requirements by using our online energy comparison tool, or you can call us to discuss on 1800 959 969.

Make your service better:

For average service, you shouldn’t be paying high prices. It’s easy to move on if you are not satisfied with the service you’re receiving from your current energy provider.

There is no additional charge for this:

You no longer need to worry about it. The Select and Switch service is completely free. Nothing is hidden, which means there are no catches or obligations. Our goal is to find you the best energy deal from our panel of leading energy retailers.

Switching energy providers can give you so many benefits with great savings, better service and sometimes even other perks or rewards. Why pay more on your gas and electricity bills when there are cheaper options available? With Select and Switch’s free service, you can easily switch to a cheaper energy supplier from our network of energy retailers.

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