What You Should Know About Starting A Plumbing Business

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Numerous factors may be fueling your ambition to establish a plumbing company. Maybe you just qualified as a plumber and you want to start your very own plumbing business. You could also be an experienced tradie who wants to add something new to their repertoire.

If you wanted to launch a plumbing firm in Australia, then the process is a little different than what it would be in many parts of the world. There’s a strong culture in Australia, of starting trade businesses. This is due to the infrastructure work that goes on in the country, there’s a lot of demand for trade workers. As a plumber in Australia, you can enjoy a steady stream of work. You could work for residential buildings, commercial complexes, and even industrial buildings.

Starting A Plumbing Business In Australia

If you intend to launch your own plumbing company in Australia, then you’ll also need to tap into what the industry trends are. You ought to be reasonably aware of what to anticipate in the future. There could be policy changes on the state or the federal level, new technology could have emerged that you need to use, and more.

The shifting demands of customers in the country play an important role in keeping plumbers active. Plumbers who are able to separate themselves from the competition and demonstrate excellence have a great opportunity to generate considerable profits.

Some Australian plumbing businesses can make six or even seven-figure incomes. Remember though, that in Australia, skilled trades are very prominent. If you know what you’re doing, then setting yourself up for success can be easier than you think.

Write Your Business Plan

All companies need a good business plan. You could type up several pages on what you expect out of your business. You could create a large ring binder and put your business plan there. Your business plan could also be nothing more than two pieces of paper filled with information regarding your business.

Think about what business structure you’ll be choosing for your business, and why. Write down your company’s objectives, along with your plan for achieving them. This business plan can act as your guide and a road map, while you build your success. Remember to create achievable goals for your business, and write down what those goals are in your business plan.

List Out Your Products And Services

You should clearly know what services you intend to provide to customers. You could be selling products or services, or offering both. Putting it down on paper helps your business follow the right administrative practices. You’ll also be able to clearly express what exactly it is that your business does.

Consider investing in insurance for tradesmen as well. This is because owning a plumbing company exposes you to dangers like being sued by disgruntled customers. When you have insurance for tradesmen, you’ll be more capable of protecting not just your finances, but also your business as well. To learn more on how to start a plumbing business click here.

Getting Yourself Certified

Say you’re nearing the completion of your plumber training, but you still want to learn how to start a new plumbing business. Before starting a firm, you require to be licensed as a plumber. You’ll also need to have the right certifications as well as licenses, to work as a plumber.

If you’re already qualified as a plumber, then you can get all business related paperwork out of the way. The first thing you’ll need to do is get an Australian Business Number for your plumbing business. Then, you’ll need to decide what business structure you want your plumbing business to follow. In Australia, plumbing businesses tend to choose between one of three business structures.

A plumbing firm might be conducted as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation. If you’re starting your business alone, then you may usually want to begin as an individual trader. But with time, as you scale your business up, you’ll be able to change your business structure. If you’ve found a partner who you want to run the business together with, then change your business structure to a partnership.

Aside from registering your business, you’ll also need to purchase all the tools and equipment that you’ll need to run your business. You’ll need a work van as well, to get to different work destinations.


Running a plumbing business in Australia is not as hard as you think. Obtaining the necessary licenses and establishing your plumbing business are just a few of the steps you must take to get your venture off the ground. This guide details what they are.

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