Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic


Many employee tracking worldwide embrace the work from home set-up for their employees due to the coronavirus pandemic, concerns on data protection, and worker productivity monitoring skyrocketed. Employer preparation for this new work set-up is a must. Reliable communication software and applications are important to ensure employees’ productivity levels.

Here are some effective tips:

  1. Document which Communication Platforms the Employees are Using

Make a list of the devices that employees use to do their remote work and evaluate if it is compliant with company standards or not. If there are devices or messaging platforms that do not agree with the rules, suggest call monitoring or SMS recording devices that help solve productivity concerns.

  1. Increase Surveillance on Employee Communications

All companies seek to protect their integrity, including the privacy of clients and trade secrets. 5 Efficient use of  employee tracking tools and methods will allow organizations to achieve all their goals and objectives even during the pandemic situation. Employers look for ways to increase their online presence despite being physically away through recording solutions to retain business-related transactions. They ask employees to download apps or use only the apps that are related to work. Nothing more, nothing else.

  1. Update Key Terms for eDiscovery and Communications Monitoring

Cybersecurity, trading compliance, and interactions with clients, to name a few, are among the many areas that companies need to monitor. Key terms and phrases used by employees need utmost checking to trace whether they are on the brink of violating company rules. The earlier the conversation is understood, early prevention can mistake prevention can happen.

Through this infographic from TeleMessage, learn more about the effective ways of work-from-home employees.Communication-image

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