Ins and Outs Of An ITN Number


What is an ITN?

The ITN is an automated export system-generated number that is assigned to a shipment to confirm that the EEI was accepted and is on file in the AES. The internal transaction number should be assigned to any loading document to allow the customs and border protection officer to retrieve the shipment whenever needed. The United States foreign trade regulations require that exporters or the agents on their behalf file their electronic export information (EEI) through AES for merchandise valued at $2500 or more.

Now that we have a slight idea of what the ITN is, here are three easy steps for filing for an internal transaction number and its importance.

How to obtain an ITN?

  • Step 1: Receiving the EIN

In order to register on the ACE, you must first acquire the employer identification number. Receiving the EIN requires a US social security number and a physical address within the premises of the US. You will then be asked for a company name and address.

  • Step 2: ACE registration form

Once you receive the EIN, you need to fill the ACE exporter registration form. After you have successfully completed the registration form, you will then receive an email to obtain the username and password. Once you click on the link in the email, you will be prompted to enter a shared secret which is in fact the account ID.

  • Step 3: acquiring the ITN

After you have obtained the password and the account ID, log in to the ACE website and click on the accounts tab. If this is the first time you are filing for an ITN, you are required to agree to the certification statements in order to proceed.  Clicking on “create export filing” and completing the EEI will lead you to obtain your internal transaction number.

Importance of ITN

  1. The internal transaction number is your proof of filing. It is proof that you or your broker on your behalf has filed the EEI as required by the FTR. Hiring a customs broker here can be extremely beneficial as failure to provide adequate and accurate information can cost you up to $10,000.
  2. Apart from this, the ITN must appear in certain documents. Without it, your goods may get held at the customs itself. Thus, one needs to go through with the process with the utmost care and seriousness.

Clearit ITN number services help you with all the necessary steps with a skilled broker on your side.

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