Best haircut styles for older women – Flattering & modern


As women mature, finding an age-appropriate hairstyle that is both flattering and fashionable can be a challenge. When styled and cut correctly, women over 50 look stylish and contemporary. A bob hitting around chin length is the most universally flattering cuts for women over 50. The classic bob shape is short enough to impart volume and bounce yet long enough to provide versatility in styling.

An added benefit is low maintenance a chin-length bob needs only quick trims to retain its shapely silhouette. For a modern edge, add pieces with side bangs or an angled front. Customize the look with balayage highlights and loose waves. Schedule regular appointments with your stylist to maintain the perfect bob shape as it grows out.

Shoulder length layers

Medium-length layered locks are eternally stylish. Long face-framing layers starting at the cheekbone level give movement and shape. Subtle layers throughout remove bulk and make hair more manageable. Softly curled ends add dimension. This cut is swooped behind the ears or falls forward along the jawline for versatility. Use lightweight styling balms and sea salt sprays for a touchable texture with separation. Book regular appointments with your stylist to maintain fresh layers as your hair grows out.


For edgy volume, the shag is ideal for older women. Choppy razored layers create loads of piecey texture best suited for medium to thick hair. Skip severe mullet shags and opt for a shorter version hitting at the chin to shoulder length. Softer face-framing layers flatter while side-swept bangs create intrigue. Finger-style shag cuts with matte pomades and texture sprays. Add waves with a curling iron to pump up the volume and movement even more. It is bold yet still age-appropriate.

Lob (Long Bob)

The lob or long bob extends a few inches below the chin for versatile styling options. Longer than a traditional bob, a lob works well on older women who want to retain some length while lightening up their thick hair. Gentle layers remove bulk while allowing hair to remain pulled back. The length is short enough to impart bounce yet long enough for a ponytail. Style your lob sleek and smooth or add waves and curls for a glam finish. The versatility of a lob makes it work on various face shapes and hair textures.

Short crop 

For the wash-and-go woman, a short crop hitting above the chin takes all the hassle out of a hair salon in fort lauderdale. These minimal cuts are flattering on older women who want to embrace their natural texture. Skip high-maintenance blowouts and embrace your salt-and-pepper strands. With regular trims, short crops practically style themselves with a quick comb-through. Run pomade through the ends for definition. Crops draw attention upward, keeping the focus on your vibrant, youthful face and eyes.

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