Benefits, Myths, And Types of One Person Company


An OPC might be a company where there’s only one owner that may become both a company director plus a company shareholder. OPC remains available since India inside the Companies Act 2013. This act enables qualified individuals to produce a company online own with minimum liability. Inside the private company minimum, two company company company company directors and individuals are very important plus everyone company minimum, three company directors and seven people are needed. In OPC company might be created simply with one director another member. OPC Company Registration Online India can be achieved obtaining a couple of easy steps with no difficulty.

Some benefits and factors of OPC

? One person company- Rules introduced in 2013 claims that anybody person who is ready and capacity to create a company might take shape OPC with one member. It will likely be legal and you will be introduced like a private company.

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? Single-member- Unlike others, O P C registration Online India does not must have many individuals or many shareholders. Only one member includes an OPC.

? Nominee- There’s consider which differs OPC businesses and that is the business must mention a nominee to while registering the O P C.

The following are a few myths you’ll find out about OPC

Greater tax rate: The simple truth is one person company, limited company and limited company have the ability to similar tax rate of 30% in India.

Alterations in OPC are tough: This is not true also. 1 person company can get most likely probably the most adaptable business structure which can be useful for brand-start up business too.

Pricey: No. It’s almost opposite OPC requires less cost to help keep bookkeeping, yearly roc filing, and expense filing.

Permits aren’t necessary: In situation your businessman really wants to operate legally it must get yourself a license for that business. The permits and licenses depend within your locality, condition, and kind of business.

Renewal is required every year: This is not true. When the organization remains registered it will likely be legal plus records its entire existence unless of course obviously clearly clearly the particular shuts it lower.

O.P.C Registration Process India, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow can be compared. Here’s the whole process of OPC.

? First, the particular combined with the member need to register themselves for digital signature since everything will most likely be practiced online.

? Next, you’ll have to gather all the documents making formulations them.

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? When you’re transported by helping cover their the documents u[pload your forms and documents over the MCA website. It’ll need the right stamps and expenses.

? Next, the department will most likely be delivering a simple copy inside the Certificate of Incorporation for your registered client’s email ID.

Individuals should have certain documents a regular membership OPC. they may require a PAN card of director, email ID and call quantity of the director, ID proof of the company company company company directors, address proof of company company company company directors, address proof of work.


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