6 Reasons why Digital Label Printing Are Right for Your Product


Digital label printing is increasingly becoming a common alternative and a 5 smart way to get the most from product labels printing and stickers. And there are plenty of good reasons for this, including low prices, high efficiency, fast turnaround, and small-batch capability. A good label plays a critical role in the marketing of your goods. Digital label printing helps small and start-up firms to experience the same degree of consistency as significant businesses, even though they do not choose or need to order labels in vast quantities.

Zeroing on the correct number of labels for your company instead of over-ordering will give you several desirable benefits. Here are ways to select your order size from a digital label printing company that will make sense for your business.

What is digital printing?

Digital label printing takes the digital file with the design and prints the image directly to the press’s chosen label content. In comparison to flexographic printing, all colours and images are generated in one phase. These presses operate slower than flexographic presses, making them suitable for smaller order volumes. Due to various superior printing technology; vibrant product packaging labels for the business has made it easy.

Important reasons why digital label printing is right for your product

Decorative or Prime Label Printing

Digital printing is suitable for labels that need at least four colours. If you want your label to help you market your goods and talk for your name, print quality is critical. colour continuity, image registration, and colour vibration are all discussed with digital labels. Any of the labels printed by such companies presses are the main product labels. For example, soda labels, food labels, and private label brands are commonly used in the digital space. If the label is used for branding, chances are going to be a good match for digital.

Time is on Your Side

Digital label printing is your buddy anytime you need labels right away. Unlike other printing processes, automated printing does not require the use of plates. Instead, all you need is the right computer and a print-ready PDF file of your template. No plates mean that you need less setup to get your labels ready to go, meaning you will get your press proofs or completed goods faster than you had before. These short turnaround times give you more flexibility to test new ideas or get your goods ready to go, which is extremely useful when working under a too-small time-limit.

Only how comfortable are the digital label printing turnarounds? If your artwork has been accepted, the chosen labels will finish your labels within three to five business days, without the requirement for custom dies or specialized materials. You can order any dies or materials and be ready to go to any potential printing work in such situations.

Variable Print on Press

Variable data printing is a digital method of printing, including on-demand printing. Elements such as text, illustrations, and photographs can be changed from one printed piece to the next without halting or slowing down the printing process. VDP uses information from a network or an external file. Some printing technologies require plates for each specific image and colour, so variable printing on a flexographic printer is difficult. Digital presses will print consecutive numbers, vector results, and almost any other label-to-label discrepancies.

Label Cost

It could cost hundreds of millions. Flexographic presses often use metal plates, much like regular printing presses, to produce pictures for each colour style. Six plates would be required for a 6-colour sticker. Weber’s wireless label orders do not include a price for a die to cut labels, and since there are no plates, you are just going to pay for one thing – the labels.

Sustainability of Packaging

There can be a lot of paper waste involved with flexographic label printing. During the setup process, the press operator must dial in colour and arrange the plates to correct the mark.

However, with digital label printing, the waste is small. There is no setup needed to hold your costs down. And you can order the exact number of labels you require. You can also have customers telling with feedback that they wanted to buy thousands of labels to be cost-effective but ended up throwing away hundreds of old inventories that they never used before.


One of the most vital aspects of digital label printing is the versatility of artwork. If your product line grows, you may want to change your name. Even the slightest change to flexo change a letter adds a colour that will cost you less for a new plate fee.

Since digital plates are not needed, you can easily change your design, submit a revamped artwork and print it without additional plate charges. This is perfect for start-up products or series that have a few SKUs.

Lack of plates does not just mean shorter processing times. Having the choice to choose a smaller collection of labels can be a very budget-friendly printing choice. This is partly because you do not pay for plates or additional printing setup charges, but that is not the only reason.

Waste may be one of the most significant contributors to wasting money, even when you buy labels. Long processing times will lead to a loss of time. It is not easy to market the products without a name. The earlier you get the goods on the shelf, the earlier you will make a return. There is also a risk that you will not be able to access all the labels you paid for. Even the appropriate adjustments will make labels redundant, which will leave you stuck with many brands that are going to waste. With the option of having a smaller number of labels, you do not have to be afraid of wasting your money. If you need a considerable amount, digital printing will also send you the labels you need.

Increasing Demand for Digital Printing

Digital label printing is not the best thing for any product. Many medical product stickers, two-tone labels, or complex coupon labels will not work well for digital printing. But use low volume brands for craft beer, spirits, and wineries, most alcoholic processing, food packaging of some kind, and certain household goods and personal care products. Digital will be a way to save you time and money. It is advisable to know everything about the packaging food labels before using them on your food items.

With a growing rivalry in the retail industry nowadays, there is a strong need for valuable product marks to sustain competition. Custom adhesive label providers are on the rise in demand, with retailers finding a strong differentiation on their goods with a wide variety of products on the market.

Printing services

With the high demand for printing, it is not shocking that there are multiple label printing providers on the market. Companies with a wide range of products can recommend skilled or inexpensive label printing services to quickly mark their products.

Printing services with labelling can be performed professionally or privately easily. There are enormous advantages of commercial label printers. Skilled commercial label printers use advanced large machines for long-distance and bulk printing, while new technology carries to a personal level the portable devices used. If available, an advanced home printer can print essential labels with the right form of printing material. However, most businesses choose specialist mark services using advanced machinery to give a distinctive look to their products.

Well-established printing firms must be provided with the requisite printing facilities to support various styles of printing. Customized printing is high in demand today, and every business needs to take a distinct look at its offerings to grab a slice of the pie. Skilled companies can print any mark for any product according to particular specifications using different materials, fonts, and colours of any size.

Label printing options

Labels are essential for the identity of the label and the differentiation between one brand and its rivals. It is crucial to consider the types of labels desired or needed to capture the demand, considering the label’s size, the details on the content, the preferred materials, and the connection modes.

High-quality label printing is a niche market that can only be done with specialized equipment and experience. Only well-established and effective printers may deliver high-quality labels with their available equipment and expertise. There are different mark choices for businesses to pick from, including flexographic printing, offset printing, pre-press, and eco-friendly printing.

Commercial and non-commercial

While most label printing services cater to the commercial sector to satisfy its multitude of marketable goods, non-commercial labels are expected on the consumer market. Many innovative buyers may like their distinctive marks on their handmade goods or their identity, provided as tokens.

Digitally printed labels are an ideal alternative for wine bottle labels, health and beauty labels, food packaging labels, bath and body labels, and any other commodity where the label itself can be used to improve the product’s attractiveness. This is because digitally printed labels are created with a higher line-screen than conventional flexographic label printing-usually 230 lines vs. 133 or 150 lines for flexographic printing.


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