4 Impactful Methods for Removing Construction Dust In The Air


Construction dust is the dust found at a construction site. It is of three types, namely, wood dust, lower toxicity dust, and silica dust. Dust in the air can lead to many health problems for the people who inhale it. Dust is a by-product of a construction project, and it is unavoidable. Managing construction dust in a particular environment involves taking specific measures before and after the construction activity. Below are some of the impactful methods you can use to remove dust from air;

Air filters

One of the best ways for dust prevention is by the use of air filters. Air filters help to trap dust particles to give you clean air in your warehouse. However, if air filters are not replaced and cleaned regularly, they can lead to trapping more dust from the air. It is advisable to clean your air filters and check those that need replacement as needed.

Atomized misting systems

Implementing a misting system is a cost-effective way to control dust plus its serviceability lasts a long time. Since water is used to create mist, these systems are environmentally friendly since no chemicals are added. These units are designed to control dust, so they typically use smaller droplets compared to sprinklers or hoses to achieve optimal fugitive dust suppression. The smaller droplets are called atomized mist. The mist confines the dust particles and then takes drops them to the ground and still avoids the slipstream effect. You can also achieve dust suppression through surface sealing. The atomized mist catches dust particles in the air, however, once the mist is in contact with the ground, these droplets seal the surface, therefore, reducing dust generation if it’s disturbed.

Fog cannon dust suppression system

Fog cannon systems are made to address the issue of airborne dust generated during mining activities, handling bulk materials, and demolition sites. The cannon units are available in different sizes to meet different needs. These fog cannon units work by directing them to the source point of the dust, where it quickly suppresses the dust emitted before it disperses. The larger fog units can control general airborne dust by fogging the area. These units can also suppress dust resulting from high volume dust from events like blasting. Also, fog cannons are essential for dust suppression since their low water usage is an advantage.

Use air scrubbers

Even if the best methods are used, dust may get trapped in some places for a long time. Air scrubbers help in capturing dust when it becomes airborne. This method works well if it is used during indoor construction. It’s an excellent choice if you are trying to remodel a home. This is because the machines are small in size to fit into small places and trap dust. Air scrubbers usually vacuum the dust and filter it before they send it out of the room. Air scrubbers can be used to trap dust if it is still heavy in the air. When you increase the humidity level in a construction environment, it helps the dust to settle. This makes it easier to remove it.

All these methods are effective for removing construction dust in the air. However, the choice of a specific strategy will depend on the concentration or the intensity of the dust in the air.










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