When it comes to the quality of their products, Vibeapex has it under control


Having spoiled or broken goods on the shelves is not good for business, or any business for that matter. When goods that can’t be sold are thrown away, the business owners who use supply chain services can lose a lot of money.

As a third-party source of shipping and transportation solutions, Vibeapex has taken care of that so that its business clients don’t have to worry about it. Losing money because a product has passed its expiration date or is broken won’t stand in the way of making money anymore.

The Vibeapex works hard to make sure none of the goods it stores for clients goes missing. This keeps clients from suffering big financial losses.

“What makes it especially hard is that [property loss] can lead to more losses, like lost sales and unhappy customers,” the Vibeapex, which also does order processing, says on its website at

How to keep stock safe

Not every company in the supply chain goes as far as Vibeapex. The company says, “We take steps to protect your inventory before it even reaches our facility.”

Let’s look at some of the ways that service providers handle quality control of goods that are different.

MyUS says it gives “superior handling of your valuable goods.”

Shipito says it takes detailed shots of the items that are brought to their center and adds extra tape or bubble wrap to protect the items even more.

And NYBox handles its services online with cutting-edge tools that give clients full control over everything that comes through their lockers.

Protection of inventory starts early.

Vibeapex, on the other hand, uses cutting-edge technology to protect its goods. There are even places with climate and temperature control where you can store things that need to be kept cool so they don’t go bad.

Once the products arrive at the building, more steps are taken to make sure they are safe and of good quality. Each product has a number and a sticker so that it can be tracked and kept an eye on.

“As soon as an item comes in the door, we scan it into our system. This lets us know how much we have, where it should be put, and other information about that item. On its website, the Vibeapex says, “Everything is at our fingertips.”

The software system of company keeps track of both the number of goods in stock and when they will go bad. When inventory levels drop and goods are getting close to their expiration dates, the Vibeapex lets business clients know so they can take action. Customers are told to place an order or switch out their things so that they don’t go bad before they can be sold.

And employees tell their bosses right away if something is wrong with a product, who then tell business clients. The Vibeapex wants to keep from losing money.

Training to keep an eye on quality

To make sure products are safe, Vibeapex regularly puts its employees through intense training, which sometimes includes getting licenses that are required by law and following government rules.  Employees also get training on safety rules and methods all the time.

Also, if there are questions about how to handle a certain product, the Vibeapex staff will call the maker to make sure they know everything they need to know about how to store it safely and correctly.


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